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What should you know before our cooperation?

We are proud to be one of the most experienced companies in design and installation of industrial storage systems. NEDCON SALES offers high quality and well proven products tailored to every type of warehouse premises. An example of the highly innovative storage solutions we offer are fully- or semi-automated warehouses that make daily operations even more efficient and human-error-free. What is more, the excellent quality, reliability and safety of NEDCON systems is the main priority to us – and that makes our clients satisfied for over 50 years.

We deliver what we promise

Our products

NEDCON products are well proven in practice and are used all around the world. Our systems provide an efficient, safe and comfortable operation in every type of warehouse. A wide range of our products ensures that all individual and specific needs can be met – after all, our slogan goes: if it can be done, consider it done.

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Rich experience in the industry

Storage systems design and consultancy

Vast experience and expertise in logistics and construction law allows us to develop solutions tailored to every specific needs of our clients as well as the warehouse operators. Such a flexibility is ensured by a close cooperation between customer and a particular investment supervisor at every stage of the project – starting from initial consultations, the process of planning, the actual installation to the final demonstration and proper product training.

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Product safety and durability guaranteed

Inspections and service

Warehouses using systems developed by NEDCON are known to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. What is more, potentially damaged components can be easily replaced. Our qualified inspector ensures smooth and safe operation of your warehouse as well as proposes and executes the needed service.


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Over 50 years of experience

NEDCON is an international player with a rich experience in storage systems design, production, installation, and consequent staff training. Over the years NEDCON has developed own technologies, procedures and standards making us able to deliver solutions tailored to every individual and specific needs of our clients. We do offer both standard solutions and custom-made racking systems on request – every challenging project fuels our growth. The sales office in Czech Republic was established in 1994.

NEDCON SALES not only offers technologically advanced storage systems but also guarantees reliable and professional cooperation at every stage of the project. The close cooperation between customer and our team starts from the initial consultations, the process of planning, the actual installation of the system to the final demonstration and proper product training. NEDCON SALES specialists act with professionalism and mutual respect.

Every project is assigned with a particular specialist to coordinate the course of work, whom you can contact in regard to any matter concerning the project. In NEDCON SALES we believe that consultations on a regular basis allow us to meet the customers’ needs as well as to provide solution increasing the storage efficiency. The assigned Investment Supervisor provides support to the customer at the very first stage of storage planning and design, as well as delivers training on how to operate in the installed system.

Our trained Inspectors thoroughly assess the condition of the racking systems, identify potential threats, prepare a report describing the storage system’s condition and propose needed repairs.

Industrial storage systems and automated solutions developed by NEDCON are easy to operate with and are equipped with components easy to replace. In NEDCON SALES we believe the best solutions are the ones making work easier.

Our products are designed to make daily operations intuitive, simple, and efficient. Racking systems developed by NEDCON are tailored to every individual and even non-standard need. In a truly wide array of our products there are systems such as:

  • Automated pallet racking,
  • Roller racking for both pallets and containers,
  • Shelving and wide span shelving,
  • Drive-in racking,
  • Pallet racking,
  • Mezzanines and work platforms
  • Miniload

Examples of installed racking systems

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