About us


We are an international company engaged in the design and installation of industrial storage systems.

Our operations make our partners satisfied with the selection of product and in addition with the fact of being our Customers. Each project is created by a motivated team of people respecting each other.

Our Customers are companies open to innovative and specialized approach to design and execution. We implement standard projects as also high-tech “custom made” technologies on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our sister company, NEDCON SILESIA, operates in Poland and Russia.

At every stage of the investment – from consulting and design to system installation – we respect strict quality procedures. As a result we provide you with the best products and professional service.


For over 40 years the company Nedcon has been one of the best experts in the field of storage systems. Our development route is guided by the changes in the economy, the emergence of new opportunities and technologies. In order to obtain further Partners we always offer modern and customized solutions.

Nedcon sales office has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1994. Dynamic implementation of innovative logistics projects provided us with excellent presentation of the brand on the Czech market. Thanks to international cooperation, Nedcon products have an excellent name worldwide.


We listen, understand and act

We are a real team! We care about long-term relationships with our Customers! At each stage of the project we provide consultations with the assigned Investment Assistant. As a result, we can get to know your requirements and offer customized, up-to-date and functional storage system solutions.

It was the NEDCON team that over the last forty years has developed and built the most comprehensive systems that exist in the storage industry. We are among the best experts who with enthusiasm and passion develop more secure and efficient storage projects.